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"Source of sources"

Anochi Hashem Elokecha - I am Hashem your god.

What does hashem mean by this first commandment. Hashem is not just saying, I am your god. He is also saying, i want to get to know you, i want to connect with you, i want to be a part of your life in every way. Day, afternoon, night and everything in between. To know you are never alone. I'm there for you. All you need to do is connect. Reach out to me through your thoughts, speech and actions. There is no limit. Hashem is saying he's open and available for you to connect with him at any time. The Wi-Fi connection to hashem is never blocked or damage. It's only less visible when we hide or disconnect from him by our own choices. When we learn Torah and do Mitzvahs we are doing what he needs and what he wants and making this world a dwelling place for him.

How can we connect this with Massage Therapy. Massage is performed by a professional using your hands for therapeutic healing and who understands the body and for me who also knows there's a soul with it and by knowing that we are a creation of hashem, and he is the light, the s.o.s - source of sources. The source of all healing. By connecting with him we can truly heal, our mind, body and soul. We can not only enjoy this world but also make this world a kinder, happier and better place for us, so we can serve hashem and heal in the best way we know.

Let me help you connect with Hashem. Connect with yourself and let inner healing begin.

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